Including Children in Your Ceremony

Even though she calls me “Gramps” this video presents a great example of how to include your child in the wedding ceremony! 🙂

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Eloping: Will You Avoid Family Drama or Stir It Up?


So you’re engaged and thinking of eloping!  Congratulations on finding your life mate.  As you well know there are a number of reasons to elope:

  1.  Need to get married fast

    2.   Want to avoid family drama

    3.   Want to save money

    4.   No interest or time in planning a wedding

    5.   There aren’t enough people in your life to make it worth a wedding ceremony


While I believe weddings are a great way to gather family, friends, and community to celebrate a union, we would never tell anyone to not elope; some of my most beautiful weddings have been the simplest. 

 On the other hand, often couples who decide to elope meet reactions and emotions they are unprepared for:






Sometimes to appease the negative feelings, couples have a wedding reception at a later date to gather loved ones.  But they are shocked when a simple reception turns into the wedding drama and stress they were trying to avoid.  All the emotions people have about showing off the new member of the family, about their son or daughter tying the knot, or about their lack of control over your decision to elope may result in madness around the reception.

 Whatever the reason you chose to elope, trust that you are not escaping family drama.  It may show up just before you elope, at the first major family birthday or holiday after your elopement, or at your one year anniversary.  Rarely do families accept a new “in-law” without complex emotions and attitudes.

Wedding planning, on the other hand, is often an extended view of the first years of marriage where every stakeholder in your life comes out to express his/her opinion about you and your relationship, about everyone in the extended clan, and about your life decisions.  By eloping you may be forcing those bottled emotions to spring forth in surprising ways.  Be prepared!  While some people make horrible mistakes in wedding planning that haunt them for years into their marriage (attacking in laws during a wedding planning meltdown moment, for example), the choice to elope may be an equally dramatic “mistake” in the eyes of your family.

All of this is worth consideration!


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Seven Considerations for a Rooftop Wedding!


Picture-perfect views, towering skylines and a spectacular sunset —  a rooftop venue is an amazing option. That said, pulling off a beautiful rooftop ceremony comes with some serious wedding planning logistical know-how.

1. Have a Backup Plan

This is the most crucial piece to creating a beautiful rooftop wedding. Beyond the rooftop with perfect panoramic views, look for a space with a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. It’ll make planning much easier, give you options for your decor and provide you with a plan B in case of inclement weather.

2. Plan For Wind

Rain is the obvious concern, but don’t forget about wind! It’s best to expect that there will be wind on the rooftop, so think about that when choosing decor. Also make sure that all of your paper elements can be anchored down easily in case the wind picks up. Even better: Move any delicate details away from the gusty zones and into nearby hallways or corridors off of the rooftop.

3. Invest In Great Lighting

Sunset is a fantastic time for a rooftop ceremony because it creates a stunning, romantic glow — so time your wedding around that time if you can. Once the sun goes down, you’ll obviously need to supplement the light. One idea is to enhance that sunset glow with candles and soft colored lighting, which will also work double duty into the evening.  If the cocktail hour or part of the reception will be outdoors, look into having a lighting company bring in colorful LED lights and custom lighting .

4. Plan For Extra Coordination Time

Many rooftop venues were constructed years (if not decades) ago and generally speaking, the older the building, the more difficult to access. Add to that, most rooftop venues are in urban areas, often on a small and crowded streets.  During your site tour, ask about where the staff will load and unload. You very well may have to plan on building in several extra hours on the day of the wedding for the rental company, florist and other vendors to unload and access your rooftop venue.

5. Go Easy On The Extra Decor

Your backdrop is the view, so feel free to keep the extra decor to a minimum so that you don’t detract from the beautiful surroundings. Think small and fresh — like florals at the base of a huppah  or small arrangements on your guest book table — to add just the right amount of elegance and glamour.

6. Rent Weather-Proof Furniture

Go for furniture made of leather or synthetic material that cannot be damaged by moisture.  For the cocktail hour, you might even want to go for illuminated furniture.  It creates a fun, club-like atmosphere while also providing just the right amount of light for guests to mingle.

7. Have a Back Up Plan

Always always always have a backup plan in case the weather turns. The best case scenario is to find a rooftop venue with an adjoining indoor room. Not only will a nearby indoor room serve as your backup-site, it can make for a nice transition — allowing guests to start outside, and then proceed into an elaborately decorated ballroom.

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Tuesday’s Tip

Are you trying to come up with something blue for your wedding?

Check out today’s tip on my Facebook page.


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Choosing a Wedding Venue

A recent Facebook post of mine highlights some factors to consider in choosing the perfect venue for your wedding.

You can access the article by clicking here.

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Another Unique Wedding Idea…


Personalized advice makes a nice touch to a wedding!

This adds a unique touch to the wedding that allows the guests to have a more active role in the ceremony. Sometime before the ceremony, it can be done at the rehearsal the day before… it can be done over the internet through social media (e.g. facebook)… it can even be done before the ceremony as guests arrive… the officiant solicits advice from the couple’s friends and family. This advice can run the gamut from serious to light-hearted. The officiant then crafts a part of the ceremony which addresses the couple and gives them the advice from those who know and love them the best.

This adds a beautiful, personalized touch to a wedding ceremony if it is done well.


Here is my question for you! What do you think is the best bit of advice to give to a newly married couple? What is the secret to a long lasting marriage?

Unique Wedding Idea …


It is not uncommon that a wedding ceremony is not able to be attended by everyone. Sometimes grandparents and parents are too sick, elderly, or frail to attend. In this amazing age of technology there is still a way for them to “attend”.

A few months ago, I officiated at a small wedding in Savannah. The bride’s family lived in Brazil. We set up a laptop and Skyped them for the whole ceremony. Everything was carefully laid out, planned, and choreographed so that they could see and hear the entire thing live, as it happened. I even welcomed those who were joining us online so that they could feel more a part of the celebration thousands of miles away.

Don’t we live in amazing times where such things are possible?

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Lasso Ceremony


(Bride) and (Groom) you have chosen to incorporate the old Spanish tradition of the lasso ritual into your wedding ceremony today. Lassoing is a symbolic declaration of intention that you are voluntarily binding yourselves together before your family, friends and God.

A prayer for the couple is then said as they stand or kneel. (Lasso placed on them)

O God, bless the marriage of (Bride) and (Groom) who come to you seeking your blessing. Give them wisdom and devotion in the ordering of their common life, that each may be to the other a strength in need, a counselor in perplexity, a comfort in sorrow, and a companion in joy.

Grant that their wills may be so knit together in your will, and their spirits in your spirit, that they may grow in love and peace with you and one another all the days of their life. Amen.

(Lasso removed)



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Ten Considerations for Planning a Perfect Ceremony

The ceremony is the single most important part of the wedding, and often it gets the least amount of attention in terms of planning. In order to have a “perfect” wedding ceremony it is best to be clear about what you envision, what you want.

There are several important questions to consider…

1. Where and when will the ceremony take place? If the ceremony is outdoors, is it a comfortable space? Savannah can get pretty hot and humid in the summer; a noon outdoor wedding in July may not be the best option. However, at the beach (even at noon!) there may be an ocean breeze which makes the outdoors a more pleasant choice. If the ceremony is indoors, are there any limitations to the ceremony space?
2. When considering an outdoor venue, have you factored in the lighting? Where will the sun be at the time of your wedding? Where will the shadows and shade be? The factors of lighting and space can also be considered for indoor venues. Such things can make all the difference between photographs that are sensational and those that are disappointing.
3. How long do you want the ceremony to last? How long would be “too long”? How short would be “too short”? Of course, we have all had the experience of 45 minutes that seems like 10 and of 10 minutes that seem like an eternity. How will you and those working in your ceremony ensure that your wedding does not become that event that seems to have no end in sight? A good officiant and ceremony planner can be a great help in this!
4. Is it important to personalize your ceremony or are you wanting a wedding that is more standardized? There are many, many ways to help personalize your ceremony and make it your own.
5. What is the feel you want for your ceremony? Are you wanting it to be traditional or more contemporary, formal or casual, serious or light-hearted? Which style best reflects you as a couple?
6. What about God? Are you wanting a ceremony that has religious/spiritual elements or are you preferring something more secular/civil? Even though bride and groom may be from different faith traditions, a ceremony can still be crafted which emphasizes their shared faith, rather than any differences.
7. What about vows? Will you want to go with the traditional vows or a more contemporary version? Will you want to write you own? How do you wish to exchange vows? Will you repeat phrases after the minister, speak extemporaneously, or read from a card?
8. Are you wanting to exchange rings? Again, with the ring exchange there are many options of things to say and do.
9. Are you doing a “ceremony” within the ceremony? Sometimes this is something like a Unity Candle, Unity Sand, Unity Flowers (read my previous post about that one), Wine Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, etc. The possibilities here are as endless as your imagination and creativity.
10. Is there anything else that needs to be discussed in order to make your ceremony your own? A good officiant will take the time to go through the details with the his/her couple. A good officiant will take the time to listen and personalize the ceremony. A good officiant will make the wedding ceremony everything the couple hopes it can be.

Those are some of my tips with regards to planning a wedding ceremony. What about you? Have you found anything helpful in your experience? If so, please feel free to post and share it here!

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Wedding Budget

It is always good to be conscious of cost and value when planning your wedding.

It is also crucial to understand the difference between cost and value.


There are many different things you can do to reduce costs if you are on a strict budget for your wedding day.  There are ways to lower the price of catering for the reception, lessen the amount of flowers that you have,  choose cheaper foods for the reception, keeping the cake small, making your own favors for the wedding and look for a photographer who will give you a better deal.  These are a few of the things that The Knot has to say are a few small simple ways to cut costs.  A little saving here and there add up to a lot in the end.

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