Should I Hire a Professional?

Recently I took part in a wedding where the Bride’s best friend offered to be the wedding coordinator.  Although it is totally understandable why such an offer might be appealing to a cost conscious bride, I can only emphasize that oftentimes when it comes to using amateurs you get exactly what you pay for.

On this particular occasion, the rehearsal was so very unorganized.  This coordinator was asking the bride at the rehearsal how she wanted things done (something a competent professional would have known beforehand).  This created an awkward predicament where the bride was expressing her desire only after many of the guests had weighed in their opinions.  The rehearsal ended up taking three times longer than it needed to take.  And, lest you think a three hour rehearsal would make the ceremony itself smooth sailing, it didn’t.

Professionals wedding vendors are the way to go.  They have expertise in their field, and they deliver quality goods and services.  A wedding vendor who has been in business for any length of time will oftentimes have the quality of work that allows them to continue to work in the field.

So, my advice to those cost conscious brides: Thank you well intentioned friend for the offer, and Hire Professionals!  Years from now, when you look back on your wedding memories, you will not miss the money you spent years ago, and you will have awesome wedding memories.


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  1. Oh, man, Rev. Joe, did you nail it on this one! I’ve written several similar articles on my own blog, and the simplest way I can put it is: do you REALLY want to put that much pressure on a friend? It’s probably the best of intentions at work, but as you say, some things should just be handled by a professional.

    Great essay!

    • Thanks, Terry!

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