Loving Tribute

Loving Tribute   
Daisy Parker Wadas

(?? – April 15, 2016)
It was a normal work day for me in 2005. I received a call from Michelle asking me to go to Parker’s to check on this dog. I arrived at Parker’s some 15 minutes later to see this mange-covered dog who was skin and bones. She was a walking skeleton who was begging food scraps. 
I tried to call her, but she would not come. I went inside and bought a pack of beef jerky. That did the trick. She reluctantly got into my car, and I took her to the vet. 
We named her “Sebastian”, thinking she was a boy. Her hind quarters were so inflamed that she appeared to me male. We later found out she was female, and Kylee named her “Daisy”. 
After her return from the vet, we took her home. With the help of Ensure she quickly gained weight. She happily adjusted to life in our family. She readily made friends with our other dogs, Gretchen and Sadie. “Blacky”, my father-in-law called her, was a part of the family. 
She had such a loving and gentle nature. When Gretchen and Sadie got older and sicker, it was Daisy who would lick and nurture them. Daisy, we found out, knew tricks. She could sit, lay down, shake, and potty. Michelle and I always said, “Whoever had her before us really loved her;” they took the time to train and work with her. 
She did, when she was able, have the tendency to run away. As aggravating as that tendency was, I’m grateful for it because that very same tendency would run her to Parkers and into our lives. 
To Daisy’s original family: we believe you had young children because she was always loved and was natural around kids/babies. We want you to know that your sweet girl found a good family and a loving home. She lived a great life. 
She watched Michelle and me marry. She was with us for Krishelle’s wedding. She watched Kylee and Jacob go through high school and college. She was a comfort as we buried Michelle’s dad and my mom. She was a comfort to us as we lost Gretchen and Sadie. 
I remember our road trip to Montgomery. I took her to see my dad, thinking that an older dog would remind him of the benefits of pet ownership. I enjoyed that trip with her as I was “Driving Miss Daisy”. 
There was the time that Michelle and I returned from a Jaguar game to find that she had destroyed our garage. There was another time when she didn’t want to be locked out, so she destroyed the back door and siding. After some destroyed door frames we learned that she had a deathly fear of thunderstorms. All of this was rooted in her desire to be with us, with her family, with “the pack”. That was her safety and security. 
She would become the senior dog of the house. For Sandy, she was always a reliable bed partner who didn’t mind the “Sandy-cuddle”. For Rita, Daisy was a maternal figure. Rita would stand still while Daisy bathed her with a mother’s care. Maybe that whole time Daisy was licking to see why Rita’s given name of “Marguerita” did not match her taste. Rita would freak out whenever I took Daisy somewhere without the her. Rita will have a rough time dealing with losing Daisy.
For both Sandy and Rita, Daisy was the referee and the one to settle fights. She also was the leader of the nightly dog parade to go potty. 
In her last weeks, she would adjust to a move to a new house in a different neighborhood. Always a trooper, she adapted to her new life and surroundings. 
Time took a toll on her. Her hair got grayer, her joints got stiffer, and her eyes grew dimmer. She would spend more time sleeping as indicated by her steady snore. But her love of life stayed strong and vibrant.
She taught me with her gentle spirit. She taught me with her sense of adventure. Even with a shock collar and invisible fence, she was the one who’d say “Sometimes chasing the bird is worth the shock!” She has helped me be more gentle, caring, loving, and adventuresome. 
Her body was getting old, but she remained young at heart. Right up to the end she was picking up a toy to play tug of war with Rita. She remained interested in toys, squirrels, birds, treats, and “Sunday dinners.” She would still bark at the UPS man. 
The vet was there at the beginning of our journey together, and the vet was there at the end. Now there is no more pain in your eyes, and we can give you this one last gift of love. As we brought you to the vet to find you some comfort, you comforted us. Rest easy and at peace. 
My sweet Daisy Parker, I love you and I will miss you. As you cross that Rainbow Bridge, please give a big wet kiss to Gretchen and Sadie (and Peanut, whom you’ve not met yet). Tell them all how much we love and miss them!

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