Five Things All Newlyweds Should Know…

The confetti has settled, you’re over the threshhold and married life has officially begun…

1. A post-wedding come-down is kinda normal

The hype and excitement of planning your wedding day is nothing compared to how you’ll feel on the day itself. So needless to say, once the big day is over and you’re back to normality, you might feel a little blue for a while; think the bridal equivalent of January blues. But turn that frown upside down! Yes, your wedding day is over – which means the most exciting part, your life together as husband and wife, has just begun.

2. You’re suddenly going to be in possession of a lot of new things

If you had a gift-list you’ll find your home filled with fancy kitchen gadgets and swanky homeware pieces. What does a trivet even do? You don’t know, but you somehow feel that it will change the way you chop vegetables forever. Bathe in the joy of having lots of shiny, new things. (Not that we’re encouraging you to be materialistic.) BTW – don’t forget to write your thank-you letters!

3. Reliving your wedding day on Facebook = totally normal

It was the best day ever, so it’s only natural you want to keep replaying the highlights over and over. Be savvy; give your guests a hashtag on your wedding day (for example, #AliceAndMitchWedding) so you can see all the photos taken at your celebration (and shared on social media) with a click of your mouse.

4. Mr & Mrs date nights are essential

Just because you’re married, there’s no need to get lax; making an effort to still have quality time is as important as ever.

5. The topic of conversation is going to change rather drastically

Whereas before, people would talk to you non-stop about your wedding plans, the chat will now take a rather different route (from the chapel to the nursery, you might say). You’ll have barely had time to pack away your wedding dress before people start talking to you about babies. Endlessly. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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