Brooke and Logan’s Wedding

On August 10, 2013 I officiated at the memorable wedding of Brooke Livingston and Logan Veith. Of the countless weddings I do, this one remains memorable for several reasons.

First and foremost, Brooke and Logan are a beautiful couple. They were easygoing, fun, and obviously very much in love. In the months we spent preparing for this event, it was easy to feel that I was marrying friends I had known for a long time.

Secondly, I loved this wedding because it took place at one of my favorite historical sites in Savannah. The venue for the ceremony was the top floor of Vic’s on the River. . Joey and his staff are excellent! Being a history buff, though, I love the history of the building. Construction of the building finished in 1858, and it was originally used as a warehouse. When Savannah was occupied by Union soldiers during the Civil War, some of General Sherman’s officers used the building for housing and war planning. During one of the renovations on the building in 1901, workmen discovered drawings on the wall which depicted Sherman’s battle plans through Tennessee and Georgia. Those original drawings are displayed behind glass in the main dining room today.


How many visitors today eat in that restaurant without realizing the history all around them?

The third thing that was so memorable about this wedding was all the personal touches that Brooke and Logan had planned. These personal touches would fill a Pinterest board!

I arrived early enough to take a few photographs of how they beautifully transformed the space.

A curtain divider separated the cocktail area from the reception tables.


They had a beautiful marriage Chuppah constructed for the ceremony. This gave the ceremony an added touch of elegance.


The tables for the reception were set out nicely.


They had a great “Georgia touch” in having names on peaches rather than place cards.

The gift table featured a cage for cards, a “V” to be signed, a beautiful floral display.

And yet my favorite thing on the gift table was a framed sign inviting Instagram pictures.

20130907-133541.jpg. With this wedding, I have truly made it into the twenty-first century!

There is one last thing about this wedding which makes it particularly memorable. This wedding allowed me to work with some great vendors. Joey and his staff at Vic’s are outstanding. Wedding planning was taken care of by Alysse and her team at Morgan Gallo Events. Alysse is awesome at seeing to all the details. Brooke and the ladies’ hair and make up was done by my wife’s company, Amazing You Bridal Hair and Make Up. I heard for days afterward how enamored they were with Brooke’s dress. Finally, this wedding allowed me to work with Steve and Jesse from Steve Withers Productions. . Y’all always do great work. Savannah has a good number of great wedding professionals, but this wedding put many of us together!

Thank you, Brooke and Logan, for letting me be a part of your awesome wedding! Along with your family and friends, I say, Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Logan and Brooke Veith!



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