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Have you noticed that whenever there is a funeral, the obituary no longer puts addressees in the newspaper? There is a good reason for this. Some unscrupulous folks would take that occasion and rob the grieving family while everyone attended the funeral.


Unfortunately, the same thing has happened at weddings. There have been a few occasions where the couples’ wedding gifts were stolen at the reception.

The media has highlighted a few examples of these wedding robberies.

How can this be avoided?

Well, according to the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of of cure.” Here are some prevention ideas…

1. Be selective with the guest list. Don’t invite people to the reception if you believe they might be prone to steal from you. Of course, even a selective guest list does not protect you from a wedding crasher or a greedy worker.

2. If you have a gift or card table, do not locate it near the door. Most thieves desire a quick getaway. Make that more difficult.

3. If you have a card box or container, make it large so it is more difficult to carry away without being noticed.

4. Have a trusted friend or relative regularly clean out the stash so that gifts don’t accumulate too much. They should be placed in a safe and secure location. It is also a good idea for this person not to drink.

5. Another idea is to have a video camera set up which includes a view of the gift table. Even if nothing gets stolen, this would give a great video of the reception.

It is a shame we live in a world where people steal at funerals and weddings. Just a bit of advance planning can help your wedding be a joyful and happy memory.

What about you?
Do you have any ideas or suggestions to discourage thievery at the reception?

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