Pre-nuptial Agreements



This past week I was listening to the Dave Ramsey Radio Show. This financial guru has worked for years to help people get out of debt and discover financial peace.

One called asked Dave about Pre-nuptial Agreements. In this particular case, he had about $60,000 equity in a $200,000 house. His intended bride had no assets. He asked if he should make the Pre-nup.


Dave Ramsey had some interesting comments.

He recalled the situation of a man who wanted a Pre-nup because he owned a restored antique car. He told that man, “If you make her sign a Pre-nup so you can keep your car, you care more about the car than her. You have no business getting married!”

The caller did get Dave’s point. Asking his Bride for a Pre-nup is not the right thing.

Dave Ramsey did point out, though, that he does on occasion recommend a Pre-nuptial Agreement when one of the parties is extremely wealthy. However, this is not because of his views on commitment. It has more to do with the kind of crazy folks very rich people often attract.


It has been said that marriage is one of the leading causes of divorce. Seriously, though, financial disagreements are one of the most difficult tests of many marriages.


Is marriage merely a contractual agreement? In the fullest sense it is a convenant, a joining of two lives into one. This is why the wording of the traditional vows speak of commitment “for better, for worse…”


What do you think?

Are there situations where a Pre-nup is a good thing? Does the issue show only conditional halfhearted commitment, or does that oversimplify the issue? Would you agree to sign one or question the love of someone who asks you to? Any thoughts?


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  1. The state of being in love can almost be a little crazy in itself. Add to that years, of person change, both individually and as a couple, and sometimes you have a recipe for divorce. There may be times when it is appropriate for a couple to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement if only to stay grounded. Of course, the course of the negotiation process would reveal a lot about the character of the individuals involved.

    • So true.

      A good many couples don’t have a serious look at finances before they marry. This is important since it can be a hot issue later on.

      Thank you for your comment.

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