Beautiful Savannah Wedding

At noon on Saturday, April 27, 2013, we celebrated the wedding of Bridget Bland and Mychal Bogee. This wedding was absolutely beautiful for a number of reasons.

First of all, this is a beautiful couple! My interactions with them prior to the ceremony were primarily through telephone and email, but I could easily sense their love and compatibility. They were so easy to work with, and as the special day approached I could sense their growing excitement.

Secondly, the ceremony itself had numerous elements that could easily grace the pages of Pinterest. At the venue they had a lemonade stand, Croquet set, and a Corn-hole game personalized for the Bride and Groom.



Also, even though the wedding was in a beautiful Savannah square, a curtain was set up to highlight the wedding aisle.



Every detail of this wedding was planned and executed by the exceptional team at Morgan Gallo Events

For the ceremony itself, the Groomsmen huddled with Mychal before the ceremony. Their closeness and camaraderie was a good support to him at this special moment.

Bridget’s entrance and walk down the aisle was emotional. She was a beautiful bride.

Readings were done by the Bride and Groom’s “aunts,” two special women who have always been an important part in their lives.

They also had a singer who was amazing!

The couple currently resides in New York. It stands to reason, then, that there would be an announcement in the local newspaper, The New York Times.


The full newspaper announcement can be seen here.

Bridget and Mychal are a beautiful couple! I am happy to have this special connection with them.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Mychal and Bridget Bogee!



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