A Variation on Unity Water


This is a great variation on The Unity Water Ceremony. We did this a couple of years ago at one of my weddings. If no one knows what will happen, this ceremony has a great wow factor. On this particular occasion, there was even a gasp of surprise from the guests.

For The Unity Ceremony Bride and Groom go to pour two containers of water. When the liquids combine it becomes a bright pink liquid.

I then mention how the union of the two is indissoluble and creates something qualitatively different.

It left a memorable impression.

How was it done?


The “trick” is in the chemical reaction created by acids and bases.

Phenolphthalein is a indicator of acids and bases. It is colorless when mixed with an acid. It turns pink when mixed with a base such as baking soda or ammonia.

The elements to be mixed should be added to separate containers. Of course, care should taken so that no one drinks any of the liquids!

I would recommend practicing with the recipe to get the desired shade of pink!


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