Shannon and Nathan’s Wedding

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, I officiated at the wedding of Shannon Janelle Cohen and Nathan Alexander. This wedding took place at The Charles Morris Center. This wonderful venue has been voted best in Savannah for several consecutive years. The facility is spacious and comfortable.


Often the weddings there take place on the bluff that overlooks the Savannah River. It is near the site where the original colonists to Georgia planted a Trustees’ Garden in 1733, from which the City if Savannah and the Colony if Georgia would grow. Trustees’ Garden Website

At this location I often compare marriage to a Garden. A garden, like a marriage, needs to be fed, nurtured, and watered. It must be weeded from things which choke its life and protected from the pests which threaten its life. Is it any coincidence that the first marriage of Adam and Eve took place in a Garden?

Shannon and Nathan have known each other for nearly six years. The fact that they were getting married this day did not come as a surprise to many of their family and friends who long ago recognized the special bond between them. Their love radiates outward for all to see.

Shannon and Nathan are a beautiful couple. My connection with them clicked from the first time we met.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Nathan and Shannon Alexander!



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