The Beautiful Wedding of Krista and Bob


There are many reasons that Krista and Bob’s wedding was so memorable for me.

The wedding took place on the afternoon of April 5, 2013. It was planned for Forsyth Park in Savannah, and the rehearsal did take place there. After the rehearsal and the whole night it rained, and rained, and rained some more. The next morning (the wedding day) it rained. The weather was threatening the plans for this outdoor wedding. Finally, in the early afternoon the weather began to clear.

The decision was still made, though, to go with Plan B – the rain plan. The wedding ceremony was to take place at The Mansion on Forsyth. This is a beautiful venue. Click Here!

This is an important lesson. All the planning in the world cannot prepare for every contingency. In a good marriage, and in life itself, things don’t always happen as planned. We all need a Plan B sometimes. Even Nature teaches us this: new branches on a tree are pliable and flexible; whereas the dead branch is rigid and hard. We live well if we are flexible.

I loved being a part of this wedding! Five years ago I officiated at the wedding of Krista’s brother, Brad. So now at this wedding I was able to see Brad and Ursula Warnick again. In addition, I was able to meet their son, Cameron, for the first time. I couldn’t resist having a photo with this couple I married five years ago with their son.


The wedding celebration was beautiful, and the soggy weather did nothing to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. I am so very honored to have been a part of some of this family’s most significant celebrations.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bob and Krista Kukovec!!!


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  1. wishing you years of good health and much happiness.
    Love, jeri hopeck

    • Thank you very much. And may you be blessed as well!

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