So You Are Having a Winter Wedding?

Color and lighting can be used to create a very dramatic effect.

Winter in Savannah is a great time for weddings. Although there are fewer weddings at this time of year, there is a special beauty which the city has at only this time. Here are some ideas to help personalize your winter wedding…


Feathers – especially white ones – call to mind the soft, light qualities of freshly fallen snow. Use feathers to adorn your bridal wear, whether headpieces or shoes, or incorporate them into your bouquet. A groom can easily incorporate feathers in his boutonniere. Sprinkle small feathers on your cake or on tables at the reception. Peacock feathers add extra elegance to the event with their rich color palette.


Use the natural, rustic beauty of bare winter wood in any elements of your décor. A driftwood stand can make a simple yet stunning centerpiece or can be used to hang seating cards. Wooden interiors add the warm qualities of a ski lodge to a reception, and pinecones can serve as place card holders or be worked into a winter bouquet. Consider adding pinecones or small twigs to an all-white cake for a stark, dramatic contrast. Lean towards bare wood for other accents, too, from napkin and place card holders to large 3-dimension monogram letters placed in a prominent location. Even traditionally paper goods such as invitations can be made from thin pieces of wood.


White or metallic glitter is another perfect winter wedding touch, alluding to the sparkling qualities of snow and creating a glamorous atmosphere. Glittery shoes peeking out from beneath a gown are a subtle touch. Tossing loose glitter on tables or sprinkling edible glitter on your cake adds a bit of sparkle to otherwise plain surfaces. Invitations, thank you cards, menus and programs are some more excellent places to add glitter.


Tiny, twinkling lights make a magical winter wedding all the more special. Use string lights to create your own unique lighting or drape them generously around the reception area. Fill wide vases with jumbled string lights for instant elegant centerpieces. Candles achieve the same sparkling results; consider filling candelabras or covering a table with candles of different heights for a dramatic effect. The lighting can be dramatically emphasized with mirrors.


Reds and greens certainly reflect the season, but overdo this color combo, and your wedding may seem more holiday-oriented than you intended.
Consider a less-is-more approach to your color palette: Silver and white with crystal accents can add some serious glamour to your winter wedding. For your ceremony, try a white velvet aisle runner trimmed with white satin ribbon, or decorate the altar with a crystal curtain backdrop adorned with hanging strands of elegant white phalaenopsis orchids. If you’re exchanging vows outdoors, get your guests in on creating the ambience by giving out clear umbrellas to friends and family members as they arrive.

What about you? What have you seen done that this special for a “Winter Wedding”?


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  1. Great tips. In January we’re covering a wedding here in the UK. The bride has themed it the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Narnia etc. Stay tuned for some images in January. Oh yes, the guests will be walking through a wardrobe!!

    • I can’t wait to hear about it! I’m sure CS Lewis would approve!

  2. Very nice! Would you mind me using this blog on my blog? Of course will link it back to you! Email approval and contact info you want included to Would be featured on

    • Absolutely! Feel free to use it and thanks!

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