Parent Honoring…


This is a great way to bring a touching and warm tone to your wedding!

Near the beginning of the ceremony, after I have asked the guests to be seated, I ask the parents to stand or remain standing. For the full emotional impact, it is best not to tell them this will happen. Let the parents be surprised.

I then have the couple face the parents.

On behalf of the couple I then share some thoughts that have been prepared beforehand.

“Our bride and groom would like to take a moment to thank their parents on this occasion. Your example and gift of love has shaped them into the beautiful people who stand before you”.

If they wish, a statement to each parent may be shared.

Then, I read a prepared statement where bride and groom thank the parents of their spouse. One by one, by name, they are thanked for specific qualities they helped instill in the spouse (e.g. These are qualities my spouse learned from you…).

These messages can be personal and even humorous. It is touching and emotional. The last few times I did this there was not a dry eye in place.

We acknowledge that in a real sense the wedding celebration would not be possible, if not for the parents. After a round of applause, they are seated and the ceremony continues.

This idea can be adapted to include grandparents, deceased parents, or significant others.

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  1. Love this! I do something similar during the Bride give away!

    • I love doing things like this when the family does not expect it. Sometimes it can be very emotional and touching.

      Thanks for your input.

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