Something Old, Something New


Did you catch this story in the news?

The painting on the left was painted in the nineteenth century by Elias Garcia Martinez. It is called Ecce Homo (Latin for “Behold the man”).

The middle picture shows the damage which had come to the fresco. Then, a well meaning lady in her 80’s, in Borjanos, Spain tried to restore the painting to its original beauty. The picture on the right shows her restoration.

Something old, something new… Painting restored… Now what to do?


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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my necklace! I just saw this story on the news, what a terrible shame. I do feel sorry for the lady though, she only meant well …. perhaps the priest should have monitored her progress! Cath

    • Thanks!

      I wonder how it actually happened. I imagine the woman touching it up with a small dab of paint, then trying to fix that, then fixing that… Yikes!!!

      • Yes, we’ve all done something like that! In her interview she insisted that she left it to go on a short break with her son and intended to finish it on her return!

      • That’s great! I hadn’t heard that.

        I wonder if she considers it finished!

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