Thoughts on Something Old Something New…

On Saturday, July 28, 2012 I had an early morning wedding at the beach. The early morning is one of my favorite times to be at the beach. The crowds have not come yet and it is a perfect time to commune with nature and God.

On this occasion I was there for the wedding of James and Kenna Scott. Of course, for this wedding we had “something new”… A new marriage beginning at the start of a new day. I was impressed that on this occasion the “something old” was provided by Mother Nature herself!

Just twenty yards from where we had the ceremony was a basketball-sized horseshoe crab!


This amazing species has been on our planet unchanged for at least 300 million years! They were here 100 million years before the dinosaurs! I am in awe at the beauty of this ancient creature!

James and Kenna had a simple but beautiful ceremony that featured an impromptu aisle made from tiki torches.


The bride had a simple white dress that was accented by her boots. It was different but fun. The family and guests who attended also made things fun.

Thank you and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. James and Kenna Scott!



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  1. I love horseshoe crabs! What a blessing. The boots are great with the short dress. Very chic

    • This is probably the largest horseshoe crab I have ever seen. It was beautiful. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I just love weddings like this – traditional themes with a little twist here and there! It looks lovely.

    • They are wonderful partly because they are so memorable! Thanks for your comment.

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