Mark Marries Ebony!

Saturday, July 7, 2012, had me at Hampton Hall in Bluffton, SC for the wedding of Ebony and Mark Leon. This is a great place for a wedding, and I have done several here recently. Click here for Hampton Hall website!

There are a few things that struck me about this wedding. First, it was a bright, sunny, warm afternoon and yet God mercifully shaded everyone with a beautiful cloud. The cloud provided shade during the ceremony and then moved on. Secondly, this was a destination wedding. Mark and Ebony are stationed in Kansas, and their guests came in from everywhere. I really like the more intimate feel that a smaller wedding provides. Whenever I officiate at a large wedding I attempt to capture that same intimate feeling that is so much easier with a smaller crowd. Third, I was very impressed with the reception decorations. Much of this was overseen by Ashley and her capable staff, but it was also due to the vision and planning of Ebony and Mark. I went a little crazy in taking pictures of the tables.




Fourth, Ebony and Mark did a Unity Sand ceremony immediately after their ceremony. They wanted this element to be a more private thing just between them.


Fifth and finally, Ebony and Mark are a delightful couple. After working with them for the past year to prepare for this day, I felt as if I had known them for a much longer time. Some of their guests even wondered if they had brought me in as their own pastor to do their wedding!

Thank you, Ebony and Mark, for letting me share this very special day with you. I wish you all the best in the future. And I say one more time: Congratulations Mr and Mrs Mark and Ebony Leon!


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  1. Unique and elegant centerpieces! I like the idea of a private sand ceremony as well.

  2. lovely!

    • Thanks so much!

    • Having some things private keeps the emphasis on the couple, and I like that. Thanks for your comment!

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