Brent and Shannon Marry


On June 30, 2012 I officiated at the wedding of Brent and Shannon Nihiser. The wedding took place at the Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens in Savannah. This is a lovely venue which is full of flora and fauna Click here for website!

The land has a notable history. The property was a rice plantation in the years prior to the Civil War. From 1795 the area was part of a plantation owned by Stephen Elliot. The rice plantations of the area took advantage of the tidal currents of the Ogeechee and Little Ogeechee Rivers. With the ending of slavery, the rice plantations of the area fell into ruins. During the 1940’s industrialists Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford began to use this land for research as they searched for a plant to produce latex. During the Vietnam War the bamboo there was harvested to make replica Vietnamese villages to train Fort Stewart soldiers as they prepared for deployment. Since 2002, the Bamboo Farm is an educational destination for school field trips. It is also a great place for a wedding.

For this particular occasion, the bride’s father talked to me at the rehearsal about how familiar I looked to him. We brainstormed on how he might know me. Normally, this is not a concern; but in this case the father of the bride is a police officer. I was hoping that I was not on some wanted poster somewhere. Later, we figured out that he attended another wedding of mine.

Shannon and Brent’s wedding was beautiful. The groom’s parents arranged a surprise: a bagpipe player who’d lead the bride into and out of the ceremony. The weather was warm (hot!) for this outdoor ceremony, but no one seemed to mind too much.


Thank you, Brent and Shannon! I’m honored to have been a part of your wedding. Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Brent and Shannon Nihiser.



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