Ten Considerations for Planning a Perfect Ceremony

The ceremony is the single most important part of the wedding, and often it gets the least amount of attention in terms of planning. In order to have a “perfect” wedding ceremony it is best to be clear about what you envision, what you want.

There are several important questions to consider…

1. Where and when will the ceremony take place? If the ceremony is outdoors, is it a comfortable space? Savannah can get pretty hot and humid in the summer; a noon outdoor wedding in July may not be the best option. However, at the beach (even at noon!) there may be an ocean breeze which makes the outdoors a more pleasant choice. If the ceremony is indoors, are there any limitations to the ceremony space?
2. When considering an outdoor venue, have you factored in the lighting? Where will the sun be at the time of your wedding? Where will the shadows and shade be? The factors of lighting and space can also be considered for indoor venues. Such things can make all the difference between photographs that are sensational and those that are disappointing.
3. How long do you want the ceremony to last? How long would be “too long”? How short would be “too short”? Of course, we have all had the experience of 45 minutes that seems like 10 and of 10 minutes that seem like an eternity. How will you and those working in your ceremony ensure that your wedding does not become that event that seems to have no end in sight? A good officiant and ceremony planner can be a great help in this!
4. Is it important to personalize your ceremony or are you wanting a wedding that is more standardized? There are many, many ways to help personalize your ceremony and make it your own.
5. What is the feel you want for your ceremony? Are you wanting it to be traditional or more contemporary, formal or casual, serious or light-hearted? Which style best reflects you as a couple?
6. What about God? Are you wanting a ceremony that has religious/spiritual elements or are you preferring something more secular/civil? Even though bride and groom may be from different faith traditions, a ceremony can still be crafted which emphasizes their shared faith, rather than any differences.
7. What about vows? Will you want to go with the traditional vows or a more contemporary version? Will you want to write you own? How do you wish to exchange vows? Will you repeat phrases after the minister, speak extemporaneously, or read from a card?
8. Are you wanting to exchange rings? Again, with the ring exchange there are many options of things to say and do.
9. Are you doing a “ceremony” within the ceremony? Sometimes this is something like a Unity Candle, Unity Sand, Unity Flowers (read my previous post about that one), Wine Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, etc. The possibilities here are as endless as your imagination and creativity.
10. Is there anything else that needs to be discussed in order to make your ceremony your own? A good officiant will take the time to go through the details with the his/her couple. A good officiant will take the time to listen and personalize the ceremony. A good officiant will make the wedding ceremony everything the couple hopes it can be.

Those are some of my tips with regards to planning a wedding ceremony. What about you? Have you found anything helpful in your experience? If so, please feel free to post and share it here!

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  1. How about adding “is this in your native country?” answering no certainly complicates things! http://paulandzanna.wordpress.com

    • Yes, thank you for that. Sometimes being from a different country can make the legal side of things a bit more complicated. Luckily, things have always worked out for me in this regard.

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