Wedding Weather Watch


Do you see where Savannah is? It is there hiding under all the rain storms. This was a matter of some concern today because of outdoor weddings.

Erin and Justin’s wedding was to be held at Greene Square in Savannah. This square is named for Revolutionary War hero, Nathaniel Greene. He is buried in nearby Johnson Square.

Because of the weather, we moved the wedding to the Harper-Fowlkes House. This beautiful house is located on Orleans Square.


This had me thinking of the importance of having a Plan B. Even with all the planning, things happen Flexibility is so important. Even though it rained, no one’s spirits were dampened at this celebration.

Erin and Justin had a beautiful wedding in the dry parlor of the historic house. And guess what!

Right after the wedding, the sun came out!

I’m sure, too, that if we looked we’d have found a rainbow.

Thank you, Erin and Justin, for letting me share this wonderful occasion with you!



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  1. Thank you for liking my first post for Start Marriage Right!

    This is great advice. My husband and I got married last spring in Chicago, and, after checking weather records for the past five years, we definitely came up with a Plan B. We ended up with some cute photos with rain boots and umbrellas… and just enough rain while we were all indoors for the good luck!

    • While many people would be upset by the rain, it is still an opportunity for some cute photographs and an awesome memory. Thank you for your post!

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