First Day of Spring… 3 things I love…

Is anything more beautiful in the Spring than a bunch of cherry blossoms in full bloom?

Today is the first day of Spring. This is a wonderful time of year with all of its pollen, flowers, storms, baseball, and weddings! When I think of the things I love about Springtime, three things come to mind immediately…

1. This is a great season of hope. As the new life of spring replaces the barren death of winter, one cannot help but see the hope that Nature herself tries to teach us. I try to remind myself of this hope, even if I do suffer from an occasional bout of hayfever.

2. Daylight Savings Time. Isn’t this a great invention? That one more hour of sunlight can make someone feel so much more productive. Again, it is as if nature is teaching us that the bright light of daylight (as the days get longer) is replacing the long nights of winter.

3. Wedding Season is upon us! Just as springtime means baseball, so it also means weddings. I so enjoy the opportunity to be a part of so many weddings and the lives of so many couples. Many of them keep in touch with me for years (some are even regular blog readers!). I absolutely love this aspect of my ministry.

Let the Springtime begin!

What about you? What would be on your list of favorite things about Spring?

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