Sunrise on Leap Day

I am definitely not a morning person.

This morning it was dark when I left my house. Even my sleepy dogs looked at me like I was crazy to be up at that hour. I really could have stayed in bed.

The sun rose this morning at 6:52 a.m. I did make it to Tybee Island in time to see the sun rise. The sky turned all shades of pink and orange. After seeing the sun rise beautifully over the beach I no longer regretted my lost sleep.


In my work as a chaplain for hospice, I work every day with people who are facing a terminal illness. When faced with our own mortality, we come to see each day, every sunrise, as a gift.

This day is God’s gift to us. What we do with this day is our gift back to God.


The occasion for me to be at the beach this morning was the wedding on Elenoa and Jehoshaphat. They are a delightful couple, and their joy at this “new day” in their life was readily apparent. The bride, Elenoa, joked about getting married on February 29th; on non-leap years she expects to celebrate the anniversary for two days!

Thank you, Elenoa and Jehoshaphat, for letting me share in this great day of your life. Thank you for giving me a reason to go to Tybee to see the sun rise. Thank you for the reminder that this day, and every day, is a gift.



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