New Unity Ceremony Idea

We have all heard of the Unity Candle.  A newer variation on this which is common at beach weddings is Unity Sand.  Some time ago, I had the privilege of working with a couple who challenged me to come up with something new and different.  I took inspiration from the beautiful venue of their wedding, the Trustees’ Garden in Savannah, GA.  My Unity Flower idea is a variation on this theme.  That Unity Ceremony, follows (below). 

Thank you, Kathy and Chris for giving me the opportunity to add yet one more planning tool in my arsenal.

Unity Ceremony

Kathy and Chris have selected a very special place to have this celebration today.  The first marriage of Adam and Eve took place in a Garden.  Here, we are close to the original Trustee’s Garden, a place where the first settlers to Georgia planted crops in 1733.  It was from this garden that the colony of Georgia would take root and grow.

Kathy and Chris now come to this garden to begin their own marriage.  The families of Kathy and Chris are represented by two bouquets of flowers.  As Kathy and Chris transplant their own flowers, they start a new life.  In order for this new life to take root, they will have to care for it as tending to a garden.  Note, the flower does not drastically change from what it is.  It remains connected to its past, where it came from.  And so, Kathy and Chris,   as you are transplanted to your new garden home, you do not totally sever yourself from your origins.

In order to take root in your new garden, you will have to feed, water, and nurture this relationship.  You will need to prune away any unnecessary growths and constantly guard against the weeds and pests which threaten a garden’s life.  If this is done with love and care, your marriage will become a beautiful gift spreading its color and fragrance to all around.

(Kathy and Chris now transplant their flowers)

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