Overcoming Wedding Planning Stress

“Stress is when you wake up screaming, and then realize that you haven’t fallen asleep yet.”

~Author unknown

Sometimes, seeing the stress of others puts ours in perspective. Which has more stress, the dog or the chair?

The time of preparing for a wedding can certainly be a stressful time.  Stress can come from the deadlines, hectic to-do-lists, demands of others, and expectations of ourselves.  Bridezilla’s are made, not born.  How can someone preparing for a wedding avoid becoming that bridezilla?
How can she insure that she will still have a husband, friends, and family after the stress of the wedding has passed?

What are some tips for dealing with the stress of wedding preparations?

  1. Time management is essential.  Some people do this by making lists and prioritizing the items on the list.  Take care of the
    most important tasks first.  Block off the time needed to accomplish things that will take the most time.
  2. Delegate.  Many times stress is multiplied because someone is insisting on micro-managing every detail.  Delegating jobs is a great way to share the load. The assistance of a good wedding planner/professional can be one of the best investments  someone can make.
  3. Self-care. Take time for yourself and your relationship.  Sometimes just a brief break from a difficult task can re-energize and reinvigorate.  Get plenty of rest, exercise, and continue to eat the right foods.  Continue to nurture your relationship during this stressful time.
  4. Ask for help.  Many of those around you are able and willing to help.  They may not know what to do and just may be waiting for a hint on how they can help.
  5. A sense of humor goes a long way to alleviate stress.  Don’t lose the ability to smile and laugh even at, especially at, yourself.

Do you have any ideas on how to alleviate wedding planning stress?


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