New Orleans Wedding…

Princess Carriage Parked at Jackson Square

This is a popular locatiaon for New Orleans Weddings

We just returned from a trip to New Orleans.

This is a city I have always enjoyed.  It has numerous lessons to teach, as well.

-The City is resiliant and has survived fires, hurricanes, floods, wars, and Superbowls!  Any close examination of the architecture will reveal the influence of its Spanish, French, Creole, and Cajun past.  The lesson for me is this:  we are the sum of our experiences.  Everything of our past goes into making us who and what we are.  Even the bad experiences and unpleasant memories makes some impact on us today.

-New Orleans, which has seen much tragedy, is still a city of celebation and joy.  We can do so as well.

-A great Louisiana dish does NOT have to be blackened.

-My home of Savannah, Georgia has a great history as well.  It is a great city for weddings.  Not every great dish in Savannah is from Paula Deen!


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  1. Savannah is my home too but I agree with your assessment of New Orleans. My parents moved here from Louisiana in the 20s. so I still have a lot of relatives in Louisiana. All Roman Catholics. I don’t know why people think that all Cajun food is spicy or has to be blackened. I fix a lot of dishes like my mother did and the main thing is that they have the “Holy Trinity” in them – onions, belpepper, and garic.”

  2. All I’m able to say is wow. I have by no means looked at it like that, but I appreicate you posting it. I’ll carry on to become an everyday reader of one’s blog.

  3. I have neven been to New Orleans and would love to go. My godsister brought back some seasoning and made gumbo last summer and it was Amazing! On the other hand weddings in Georgia would be perfect with all the love in the air there….the new couple is bound to stay in love!! XoXo

    • One of my all time favorite things about New Orleans is the food! It is amazing. Thank you for your comment.

  4. thank you for liking ‘A Royal Affair’,….perfrect for a minister! you have a lovely blog!

    • Thank you. I like your blog too.

  5. I have to say, when I’m in New Orleans, I have to go Cajun, because no one can do Cajun like LA. Everyone else tries, but comes in a distant second. Kind of like trying to beat San Antonio Tex Mex. Just can’t be done. So when you’re in the part of the country that specializes in that cuisine, go for it! Unless of course your a native. Then you can get a little tired of it taking visitors to the native specialty, but…
    Love to visit both cities, but Savanah much more than New Orleans, even before the flooding.

    • Thank you for your insight. I have to agree with you. I’ve had Cajun food all around, but nothing compares to having it in Louisiana. I love even the simplest of things, like a shrimp po-boy at Jackson Square. Just thinking of it is making me hungry.

  6. New Orleans……an all time favorite place to visit & dine. Since moving to Cincinnati I am really missing me a soft shell crab at the Bon-Ton, a muffaletta, and beignets. We’ve hosted a Mardi Gras party for 2 years now to introduce these Northerners to some fine dining ~ and it has been a huge success!! Thanks for “liking” my blog. Trying to kick off a sewing business of hand made christening gowns and accessories. Take Care 🙂

  7. We were bond for Savannah Monday to see the tall ships but had just gotten back from a destination wedding in the Bahamas and ran out of steam.

    • The tall ships were beautiful. It was reminiscent of what Savannah’s river must have looked like 200 years ago.

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